Children's Books

Storytime Feature: “Trouble with Trolls” by Jan Brett

"Then I knew what to do. I reached around and unbuckled my skis. I held them so the sun would sparkle on their shiny paint. I shook them so the trolls could hear their tiny bells. I waved them through the air, making a swoosh, swoosh sound. Finally I whispered, as if it were a… Continue reading Storytime Feature: “Trouble with Trolls” by Jan Brett


Transitional Winter Willow Wreathe

We are in that kind of post-holiday / pre-the-rest-of-the-year-awkward-winter phase where I have no idea how to decorate. Last year I decided that I wanted to create some kind of winter-ish front door wreathe that would capture some of the current season while looking forward to the next... and this is what I came up… Continue reading Transitional Winter Willow Wreathe