Forget-Me-Nots on Mother’s Day

This post is for all the women who's hearts are hurting today. It's a long one, so pull up a chair. Whether you're navigating the uncertainty of being single, the physical pain of endometriosis or other debilitating health conditions, the devastating reality of infertility, the unspeakable grief of loss at any stage of pregnancy, or… Continue reading Forget-Me-Nots on Mother’s Day

Grief · Poetry

Heaven Weeps, Too

Today’s mindfulness walk in the rain held a poem for me.I caught it just before it got away... HEAVEN WEEPS, TOO Pale clouds hover closedraping dark and delicate woes.Open wide, sky —Grieve your lost drops! Steady tears of rain,steady tears of more stored inside;instead, shared with Earth. Each drop like a drum,steady beating carries… Continue reading Heaven Weeps, Too

Believe · Family

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed love to our family about the news of my Dad's passing on Sunday. Words cannot express the depth of sorrow we are all experiencing at this time of mourning. We have felt the strength of your prayers. We are being carried by God's grace. We have… Continue reading God Be With You Till We Meet Again