A Day at the Thanksgiving Point Butterfly Biosphere

Butterflies have always held special meaning to me. Haven't thought about this in so long, but my very first personal e-mail address was pinkbutterfly_ars@hotmail.com. I would twist my hair in corn rows and secure with glittery butterfly clips. I even took to painting stenciled butterflies on my furniture in high school. Once I wrote a… Continue reading A Day at the Thanksgiving Point Butterfly Biosphere

Children's Books

Storytime Feature: “Maybe” by Kobi Yamada

"Maybe you have no idea how good you really can be? And maybe you don't know how much you matter? But maybe, just maybe, the world has been waiting centuries for someone exactly like you." When you visit Barnes & Noble, what section of the store do you naturally gravitate towards? Without fail, nine times… Continue reading Storytime Feature: “Maybe” by Kobi Yamada