Hello there! My name is Ashley and welcome to my blog! I am an artist, cook, crafter, designer, gardener, storyteller, and writer… in short, I love to learn and create. My husband Wally & I live in Springville, UT and enjoy the beauties of nature and working on home renovation projects as we settle in our roots. He calls me Ashley Bee and I call him Wally Bee, hence the name of this blog! We have two Holland lop bunnies named Lily & Luna that keep us hopping (literally) and provide endless entertainment. Get an instant #cutenessoverload over on their Instagram @lilylunalops!

Join me as I share some of my creative projects, recipes, snapshots of memories made along the way, stories, midnight musings, spiritual stuff, and little things that bring me joy. I hope to connect with other makers who are passionate about sharing their creativity and projects. Thanks for stopping by!