Sunday Stirrings

Something wild inside seems to want to be set free. I think that thing is me.

Her voice tonight was heard through my pen and spoken on the page. I galloped along as fast as I could ride, while listening to beautiful music played by the Avery Ensemble at the Springville Museum of Art. From Mozart to Brahms and bluegrass in between, inspiration through music was ever at the ready, as was my husband’s hand to hold. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves in a place where that creative flow can move in and through us, you know?

Of all my scribblings and stirrings, these lines were what made the unexpected journey worthwhile.


Uproot the sorrow
buried deep beneath the Mystery
of why you were composed
into this Existence.

If Sound is a treasure,
then we have been made rich!
Carry us to The End…
and then leave us to our thoughts.

Beauty knows no bounds
once melodic Truth is unveiled
by eager hands, hearts, and minds
of Artists who find her asleep.

— AB, 2/2/2020

This painting in the main gallery where the concert was held caught my attention at intermission. Here is depicted a young girl named Ruthie, surrounded by the beauties of Nature that offer “endless possibilities for play.” To create is to connect, to connect is to play, and to play is to be present. Tonight I felt connected.

What a wonder to be alive, to seek out and be surrounded by Art in all of its forms! Whatever the stirrings of your heart may be, have courage follow the ripples like those in this painting intended to touch others through you. You just never know where it might lead…

Love & Light,

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