Believe · Christmas

Joy to the World!

Yesterday was a wonderful day full of peace, love, and joy. And gratitude — so much gratitude! Today as I reflect on the many blessings and tender mercies, my heart is overflowing. Sometimes Christ gets lost in the hustle and bustle of holiday to-dos. It takes an intentional effort not to get distracted in all the craziness sometimes. Quiet time has been so valuable to me lately. God has been so good to us in so many ways this year. It’s good to be reminded of His hand in all things.

This nativity in our entryway has been a quiet reminder of the meaning of this season. Seeing the afternoon light shining through the window on it yesterday gave me a moment to pause and reflect. The day Jesus Christ was born changed all of our futures. Christ truly is the Light of the World. He gives us all hope for a better and brighter future. He has the power not only to cleanse and heal but ultimately to save and redeem. I believe in Him. I know He lives. I have felt Him touch my heart in still moments yesterday and today. I want to get to know Him better. I want to understand His teachings more personally. I want to have Him more a part of my life. As we reach out to Him, He will always reach back to us. He brings meaning and purpose to life now and forever. We are so grateful this Christmas for the blessing of God’s Son & the love He has for all of us.

The greatest gift that has been offered to each of us is that of eternal joy because of Jesus Christ. He is joy! When I am feeling disconnected just spending a few minutes with His teachings or words brings me closer to that light. When I feel joy, I can’t help but feel Him, too. I am coming to discover that experiencing Joy and experiencing Christ for me are one-and-the-same. I look forward to the day when He returns for His millennial reign. He is the hope of this world and all who have ever lived or will yet live upon it. Because of Him, we may have Joy now and forever!

I hope this holiday was special was for you and yours. The holidays can be a difficult mixed-bag of emotions. Know you’re not alone and that angels are watching over you. You are loved and you are known. Wishing you all the best for this last week of 2019!

Love & Light,

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