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Storytime Feature: “Maybe” by Kobi Yamada

“Maybe you have no idea how good you really can be? And maybe you don’t know how much you matter? But maybe, just maybe, the world has been waiting centuries for someone exactly like you.”

When you visit Barnes & Noble, what section of the store do you naturally gravitate towards? Without fail, nine times out of ten I will end up in the children’s section among the picture books. I love that the stories on the shelves have short and simple messages, beautiful illustrations, and often rekindle a connection to the wonder of imagination.

More than once I have wandered the aisles, breathing in the surrounding soothing scent of Starbucks, looking for inspiration. Just a couple of months ago on a day when I felt especially down, I found myself standing squarely in front of an unexpected book.

Could a children’s picture book be an answer to a prayer? I’d like to think so.

Maybe has been one for me.

I picked it up off the shelf, sat on the floor in Barnes in Noble, and was crying by the end. It’s that good.

This story serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder of the significance we all bring to this world. Our gifts, our talents, our presence. What I love the most about Kobi Yamada’s books is how he presents his story through questions that involves the reader in the narrative. The gorgeous illustrations by Gabriella Barouch will take your breath away. The book is stunning and serves as a reminder that because you are here right now, anything is possible. We all need that reminder from time to time.

When I was playing around with ideas for how to style the photo for this post, I asked myself what three things in my house capture how this book makes me feel. Twinkle lights, a pouch of gold glitter dust, and a shimmery Christmas tree came to mind. For me, this story turns on a glowing light inside that makes me feel like sharing hope with others.

I wanted to share about this book because it would make a perfect Christmas gift this holiday for someone special on your list. It’s a story that resonates at any time of year with people of all ages. The book is available through Compendium’s site, at Barnes & Noble retailers, and on Amazon. And to sweeten the deal, pair an adorable flying pig plush for a dreamer of any age!

(Image from

Have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments and share it with your friends! I look forward to highlighting more of my favorite children’s books like this with you in upcoming posts so stay tuned!

Love & Light,

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